Psychological Evaluation/Forensic Services

Eric Cardwell is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator, Certified Child Custody Evaluator,  and a trained Mediator.  He has been conducting evaluations and working with individuals and families in crisis for 20+ years.  He has extensive training in Psychological Evaluation, Competency to Stand Trial, Substance Abuse Issues, Parenting Skills & Approaches, Domestic Violence, Anger Management & Dispute Resolution, Marriage & Family, Mental Health Conditions, Custody Disputes, and a myriad of other issues facing those involved in the legal system.

Referrals may come from Attorneys, Judge/Court, or clients personally for testing, social/home studies, parent evaluations, or other services.  In any event, the court or attorneys are attempting to answer difficult questions concerning children, who will be involved with them, and what their involvement will look like.  The question to be answered will determine the service the court or attorney will use.  Some of those services are listed here.

Psychological Evaluation and Forensic Services:

Psychological Evaluation: Testing/Assessment may include:
     Personality Assessments (MMPI-2, MCMI-III, PAI, etc.)
     Parent Stress Index, Parent/Child Relationship Inventory
     Parent Evaluation of Custody
     Behavior Checklists
     Intellectual Assessment
     Depression/Anxiety Inventory
     Alcohol/Drug Assessment

Law Enforcement/Security Pre-Employment Evaluation

     Adoption/Social/Home Studies: (see Social/Home Studies tab on this website for more information)
     Equal Assessment of parties involved
     Home visits to each parent/party
     Collateral Interviews
     Review of Collateral Information
     Parent-Child Observations/Interviews (in offfice/in home)
     Background History
     Criminal Background
     Central Registry for Child Abuse/Neglect

Custody Evaluation:
     Includes information gathered in Social Study
     Mental Status Exam
     Mental Health Evaluation (Diagnostic Tools) of each child and parent
     Diagnosis  (if applicable)
     Medical History (including Alcohol/Drug)
     Assessment of Custody Suitability
     Assessment of Abuse
     Comprehensive Written Report-as ordered/requested

Parent Evaluation:
     Evaluation of parent for fitness/capacity to parent

Other Forensic Services:
     Expert Testimony

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